Junior School Musical Theatre Classes

Give your children a head start

5 to 6 yr old

9.30 am to 10.30 pm

7 to 8 yr old

10.30 am to 12.00 mid-day

4 to 5 yr old

12 midday to 12.30 pm


Is your child a natural show person?

If the answer to the following questions is a definite Yes, then apply for a place in our Stage School.

  • Do they dress up and sing in front of the mirror?
  • Are they always putting on shows for the family?
  • Are they being the clown, actress, singer or actor in the home?
  • Are they artistic?
  • Do they have musicality?
  • Do they just love performing?

For the very outgoing and theatrical children this School has a way of developing and channeling all that energy into a trained format. Our structured curriculum develops their acting, dance, and singing skills in one class.

Is your child shy and lacking in Confidence?

If the answer to the following questions is Yes, then apply for a place in our Stage School.

  • Are they very shy?
  • Do they find it hard to make friends & socialize in groups?
  • Are they a little bit different?
  • Are they a little wary of new situations?
  • Do they lack confidence?
  • Are they lacking in self assuredness?

We understand that Parents are concerned about these attributes, so we can comfortably assure you that by enrolling them in our classes we will help you and them to address the above concerns.

Dance, Acting and Singing Classes for 4 – 8 year olds Kids

Your child will have the chance to engage in singing classes, acting classes, and dance classes at The Peploe-Williams Academy Stage School. There is a ‘right way’ to be trained, so although from a parents point of view you may well only be looking for confidence building, or merely to create a positive self image for your child, we take it one step further, and train them in all performing Arts genres. We will build your child’s confidence through a structured performing arts syllabus that will make them an accomplished performer

What do we do for your child?

Learning for this group is something that engages children in a gentle, fun and entertaining manner as they learn the fundamentals of dance, singing and acting. This style of teaching prompts early development of self-respect, self-confidence and positive self-image. At the same time it develops discipline, team skills and comfortable interaction with others of their own age.

Our Modules & classes are for the very shy child as well. They are an excellent way of building more confidence within a very short space of time. Parents often see the difference in a term.



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Meet the Team

Emma Peploe Williams

Artistic Director

At just 11 years old, Emma Peploe Williams was accepted into the prestigious ballet school, Bush Davies, in East Grinstead, Sussex.

Here she studied Dance, Ballet and Tap as well as doing her normal school studies.

Benjamin Archer

ISTD Acting Tutor

Benjamin graduated in 2010 with a BA (Hons) Acting. Benjamin is passionate about students wishing to pursue careers in the performing arts being given the right tuition and guidance which is why in 2012 he began teaching in performing arts schools alongside his acting work. 

Kat Bates


Kat graduated from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a BA Hons in Dance.

She then went on to perform professionally as a dancer/choreographer in theatre, tv, film and the commercial sector.