Advanced Musical Theatre & Dance Classes


The Audition Preparation

Participants should come prepared with one Shakespeare monologue and one Contemporary monologue, each lasting approximately 2 minutes (maximum 3 mins). In addition, you should also prepare 2 songs, 1 from a musical, and a contemporary song

Please complete the following Audition form, and submit with your audition fees. 2 head shots required, plus a full length photograph.


What is your reason for joining our Academy?

The Current Job Market at 18 years old

The training that our students receive at our Academy stands them in very good stead for their future careers, whether in the arts or in a completely different field. The skills are often transferable. Entry requirement – You must attend one a 3 hour Musical Theatre Workshop.

Academic University Entry at 18 years old

You develop at our Academy great personal and life skills to help with your further education. Our training will help you with your Dance, and Drama GSCE, & A Levels. In addition, LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Drama) exams may help with entry to University as you can achieve more points towards UCAS entry system. Entry requirement – You must attend one of our Workshops.

To become a Professional working Performer

Working from solid foundation work and steady development, these students take a clear and structured path to enable natural strengths to flourish and be showcased. This means that the necessary skills are ingrained seamlessly with natural ability and talent in advance to entry into an elite school. It is a real advantage to understand and have already been trained to the highest professional standards that expect the best of students at every stage and do not compromise. It is this high benchmark that differentiates average from exceptional. Entry Requirement – An Audition.


What will the Students Study & How will the students benefit if Successful at the Audition in order to gain entry to our Academy

The Course 14 yrs to 17 yrs of age

Singing Module

Every voice is different. Being able to choose a song that is appropriate for your own voice and, learning about your natural vocal style, is an important part of vocal training. It affects a singer’s ability to produce the voice physically and to interpret both the words and the music. This section of the course will train students to recognize and appreciate their vocal cords as a specialized instrument. They will be taught breath control and the different aspects of speech necessary for variance in pitch, pace, pausing, phrasing, articulation, verse and prose speaking, sight reading, phonetics, accents and dialects. At the end of the course you will be trained to audition for the top colleges in the UK, Act through your song, and have the ability to choose your relevant songs for this process. We will explore both Musical Theatre, and Classical vocal training, and you will have the opportunity to do the LAMDA Musical Theatre exams, and the Trinity Classiscal syllabus. We will also organize a Company whereby you will take part in Open Mic Nights in Theatres, and small venues to practice your performance.

Dance Module

The essence of dance is to step beyond how the body is moving and to concentrate the interpretation of those movements for the audience. It takes time to build performance skills in this way, and good underlying technique is essential. Actors and singers need this freedom and fluency as much as dancers.

Our Dance course will give the technical exposure to Ballet, Modern-Jazz, Contemporary, and Tap. We will also advise on exercise, fitness, and diet in order to make you an efficient performer.

Acting Module

If you are an aspiring Actor, this is an energetic, inspiring and enriching class which will help you learn the techniques required for entry into Drama School at 18 yrs old. We will be concentrating on core techniques to give students a foundation in acting and valuable transferable skills.

  •  Stage Acting – how to approach script, be directed in scene work, create a character and be confident and imaginative in rehearsals.
  • Screen Acting – gain an insight into the techniques used by screen actors. Rehearse on camera with playback and analysis. Perform a directed piece to the camera.
  • Movement – understanding body language, gain confidence in physicality and create collaborative choreography.
  • Voice – learn how the voice works and to use the voice safely, gain control, volume, authority and a broader vocal range.

Audition Technique Module

Do you find the Auditioning process difficult? We will teach you through practical techniques, and exposure to the very best Industry Professionals that auditioning is a learnt process, and we will give you the best chance of succeeding for entry to your chosen Drama School. We will teach you how to choose the right songs, acting pieces, and your repertoire of performance pieces. As part of this, you will have individual sessions with the tutors to work on your monologues and receive feedback on your acting performances.

We will focus entirely on performance training, the skills you would be expected to demonstrate at an audition, and direct you through constructive role play so that your pieces are well performed to a panel of professionals. You will cover the fundamentals of performing Shakespeare and contemporary methods, including Naturalism and Stanislavski. You will learn and develop effective audition preparation; from studying the text, to developing your character and your audition performance.

Performances, Shows & Presentation Classes

You will be able to be part of Musicals, Dance festivals, Plays, Open Mic Nights, and TV & Film scenarios. We will give you as much practical performance time as is possible in our curriculum, so that you ready to audition for the top schools in the UK & US. Please remember for every 5000 auditionees for the top schools there are only 35 places available, so you have to be very focused, and driven in order to succeed.

How we monitor each Student?

What is Personal Development Programme (PDP)?

The purpose of starting this programme is to guide both Parents and Students towards a training that is geared for a profession in the Performing Arts. Each student wishing to pursue a career in Performing Arts requires performance related skills encompassing all aspects of the entertainment industry.

In essence, The Peploe-Williams Academy of Theatre Arts will manage all aspects of the above for your son or daughter. Emma is uniquely qualified from a technically and professional standpoint to provide this support. Therefore, she may want an individual in the Academy to pursue private dance, singing or acting lessons with her or one of the qualified professional teachers that she vets. If you are from outside our Academy, with previous performing arts experience, then your son/daughter will have to audition.

  • Vocal training, technique, and Acting through Song
  • Practical Dance technique & I.S.T.D./RAD examinations
  • Acting – Both Practical techniques & Exams – LAMDA Acting examinations
  • Film & Television acting
  • Audition & Performance technique,
  • Performance