Is my child safe & taught by the ‘right’ teacher?

As an Academy, we have the very highest standards of child protection, and we have all the relevant policies in place that may be accessed anytime by any Parent.

We also have ‘Recognised School status’ under the remit of CDET–Council for Dance Education & Training. – we voluntary adhere to their Professional Code of Conduct.

This ensures that your children are taught in a safe environment by skilled teachers, and we have total transparency at all times for Parents and the wider community.

Who is our Teaching Faculty?

They are all professional performers who have direct experience of Stage, Dance, TV, Film, Musical Theatre.
They have all been through our recruitment process, and all have DBS certificates. They are all trained on all our policies with respect to health and safety, child protection, safeguarding and soon.

Will we see a difference in our child?

They will grow in confidence, become more personable, less shy with their peers, make friends, and begin the journey to learning life and performance skills.

Are we an ‘‘After School Club’’?

No, not in any shape or form. We are a Professional Training Academy for the Performing Arts that train children in Acting, Dancing, Singing, and Performance from 3 yrs old to 18 yrs old.

Can we try a class before committing to joining the Academy?

Yes, but trial classes in dance, Musical theatre, acting are paid for.

For 3 yrs old to 13 yrs old in Dance, Acting & Musical Theatre we do not give free classes at our Academy, however, occasionally we do hold Open Days where Parents can come speak with us and see the venue.

Should you be accepted into the Academy, the trial fee will be deducted from the first term’s fees.

What is the joining process for 14 yr to 17 yr old Students?

These students have to audition to gain a place in our Academy. The audition form needs to be completed and posted with a £35 Audition fee. (See Joining instructions)

On applying for the Academy is there a Registration Fee?

There is a Student Registration Fee of £25 payable on acceptance of a place at the Peploe Williams Academy.

Do you have a uniform at your Academy?

Yes, mandatory uniform is needed for both Musical Theatre and ISTD dance classes.

Where can I get the Academy’s uniform?

Uniform is available from our Front Desk.

Orders for items not immediately available in stock will be placed and be available as soon as possible.

Do the children have the chance to do Shows, Plays and Presentations?

Yes, we have an end of year production in our Summer Term (usually late June or early July).

We also have National Theatre Connection Plays and smaller presentations.

Is there any discount available for more than one child?

20% Sibling discount is given for more than 1 child in a family taking Musical Theatre classes (minimum 60-minute classes).

Is there any discount if I take Musical Theatre and ISTD syllabus dance classes?

Discretionary discount can be given dependent on what classes are taken, how many classes are taken and commitment and loyalty to the Academy.

How much notice do I need to give to leave the Academy?

One full terms notice is needed, notice in letter form must be handed in at the start of a term to be effective at the end of the term.

Letters in the middle of a term are not accepted.


Do I have to do Acting, Singing and Dance Musical Theatre classes?

Yes, we believe that all students need to be trained in all 3 disciplines to make them an all-rounder.
Specialisation should not take place until after 18 yrs old.

Do you have to join a class (classes) for a term?

After you pay for a trial class and are accepted into the Academy, all classes are taught on a timely basis.

They train with us on a continual basis throughout 3 terms in a year.

Are the classes small & focused?

Yes, we never have more than 15 maximum in a Musical Theatre or Acting class, or 12 in a technical ISTD dance class.

How do we pay for our classes?

Termly fees are paid before a term starts, or you may set up a standing order – terms and conditions will apply.

Do you give Discounts the more classes that are taken?

We give very generous discounts to families who are committed to training their children with us.

What exams can be taken?

All Musical Theatre students (aged 5 years and over) take LAMDA Acting exams, once a year, usually in the Spring Term.

Exam entrance fees are additional to the class fees. In addition, there is the option of taking Musical Theatre Singing exams with the LAMDA syllabus.

If I do ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus dance classes will I take Ballet, Tap, Modern-Jazz technical exams?

Our Dance Teachers will submit those students they feel are working at the correct standard for their grade at each exam session.

There will be extra exam rehearsals and exam fees applicable for those taking their exams.

Do I get informed about my child’s development in classes?

We give regular reports and feedback to Parents about a child’s progress on an ad-hoc basis, but usually at the end of the Spring Term. In addition, we have a presentation at the end of the Summer terms curriculum.

What happens if we miss a class?

There are no refunds if classes are missed. However, if we have an alternative same level class a student can participate in it.

Does attendance matter in your Academy?

We have the 80% attendance rule. If your child misses more than 20% of classes per term, we will approach the Parents and discuss their place in the Academy.

My child is very shy, will they be OK?

Many of our students join us because they are shy, dyslexic, unconfident, and want us to help their child build confidence. In a matter of months, there is a marked difference in their confidence.


Who is eligible to attend our Workshops & Summer Schools?

If a workshop, Course or Summer School is advertised on our website, then they are age appropriate, and no previous experience is necessary unless stated on the product.

What is a typical day like?

Typically, courses start at 10:00 am and finish at the stated time. There is usually an hour for lunch and a few breaks during the day.

Will there be Performances?

It really depends on the course, workshop or summer school you choose. Generally, the Plays in a week and the2-weekk courses do have performances included.

Where are your venues?

The courses can run from venues in Milton Keynes, Winslow, Aylesbury, Brackley, or London.

What if my child has medical needs?

If your child/teen has particular medical needs, you will have to complete our medical form, and then a member of staff will discuss the issues with you.

Do you give refunds if bookings are cancelled?

As a rule, we do not in any circumstances, but please refer to the terms and conditions attached to the particular course.

The only time refunds are given is if a Doctor’s certificate is given to us in certain circumstances.

What should my child bring to a workshop?

It will depend on the course you book, but fizzy drinks and sugar related products are discouraged.

The attire will depend on whether the course is specific to Dance, i.e. Ballet, or Musical Theatre, or Acting.

Details will be sent to you prior to the course starting.

How do I apply for a class, course, workshop or Summer school?

Please download the form on the website, or complete the forms associated with the particular form.

Who works on the courses and do they have the right credentials?

Only Professional Actors/Actresses/Choreographers/Dancers who have all been through our selection process, and have full checks and all carry DBS certificates.

Will I have the same teacher for my Courses, Workshops & Summer schools?

We like to keep continuity on all our courses and classes to ensure the best learning experience, but in certain circumstances, we would have equally competent Professional staff to step in.


Can you join the PWAssociates Agency without joining the Academy?

No, you have to be trained by Peploe-Williams Academy to join our Agency.

If I join the Agency, am I guaranteed work in TV, Film, Theatre, Stage or commercials?

We put children forward for castings, and then the, Casting Director, Production company will choose the children they want to see audition.
Work is not guaranteed, nor are the castings.

Do I have to Join Spotlight Directory for Children?

Yes, it is mandatory to join the Spotlight Directory each year that you are on the Agency. As is the industry norm.

Is there a minimum contract time once we have joined the Agency?

Yes, the minimum time initially is 2.5 years.

Do we need a local authority licence to work?

Yes all our children under the age of 16 yrs old require a local authority licence from the council that they reside in, in order to work.

Is there a cost to join the Agency?

Yes there are associated costs. Spotlight costs £90 per annum to join, and the there is a joining fee of £65 to get on the Agency.

Will we need Professional headshots for our child to be on the Agency?

Every child on our Agency has to have Professional headshots taken for their portfolio to be taken by our Photographer.

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