Educational Outreach for Schools

The following Groups are included in our offering:-

Welcome to the Peploe-Williams Academy Schools & Community outreach programme which hopes to deliver the highest level in each of the Performing Arts training to Schools in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Thame, Oxford, Bicester, Northamptonshire, Buckingham, Winslow, Towcester, Brackley, Banbury, Leighton Buzzard & Oxford.

This programme provides Primary & Secondary Schools the  opportunity to explore acting, performance, singing and dance and be inspired by positive role models. We offer our knowledge and expertise to community, Public & Independent partner schools, aiming to inspire and ignite a spark of interest in every child, and to develop further their training in Performing Arts.

Early Years & Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Groups 16 yrs to 19yrs

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What do we offer?

We offer trial days and workshops in acting, performance, singing and dance at our School to see whether a child has performing arts talents, to encourage their development & give them more confidence. We also offer special workshops in acting, singing, performance and dance, for keen young performers who already participate in formal performing arts training. We aspire to encourage positive impressions, change misconceptions and raise the profile of performing arts for future generations.

Additionally, as we broaden our community networks, with Academic Schools & Businesses we will try to identify potential talent in our search for excellence, offering access to training and training scholarships. We are constantly developing, and we seek to make our outreach programme an innovative instrument and a front-runner amongst our competitors and a prolific generator of innovative products.

Current Programme for Educational Schools

We are dedicated in teaching children ‘the right way’ from dedicated Industry professionals – please look at Teaching Faculty CV’s on this link. Our teaching faculty  have performed professionally in TV, Film, Musical Theatre, and Stage.

  • Providing After school clubs for Primary Schools
  • Providing Assembly Performing Arts presentations for Primary Schools
  • Theatre in Education
  • Schools’ performance workshops
  • Extended learning projects for schools
  • Trial days for Acting, Singing, Performance & Dance
  • Specialist Workshops for Schools
  • Technical Theatre Courses
  • Partnering Secondary schools in their quest for excellence
  • Summer Schools & Workshops
  • Residential Workshops
  • We offer engaging programmes at KS1, KS2, KS3, & KS4 levels.

LAMDA Acting Examinations in Primary Schools

Our objectives for introducing LAMDA Acting & Communication Exams to your Primary School are as follows:

  • We offer the public and private sector skilled LAMDA teaching professionals for LAMDA tutition within your school.
  • To introduce LAMDA exams to all age ranges within your school Key stage 1 & 2 (5 yrs to 11 yrs of age).
  • To encourage mainstream and challenged students to learn to communicate the spoken word using variations in tone. It is imperative that the spoken language for students is developed. LAMDA can help with this great life skill.
  • To encourage public speaking to audiences, and self expression.
  • Help you and the school achieve greater recognition for your Drama and Performing Arts curriculum within the Parent and pupil Community
  • Give you access to our huge array of professional contacts in Stage, Television, Musical Theatre, and Film.
  • Offer you the expertise of Emma Peploe-Williams and her professional colleagues, as functional experts in all areas of Performing Arts, and as a LAMDA coach for your school.
  • To learn team participation. These group acting pieces help team work, confidence and interaction with others.

How does teaching Group LAMDA

Acting work within your School?

We would be happy to come and speak with you about this, but in essence each child pays £65.00 for a 10 week course.10 children make up each group and have 1 hours tuition on a group basis each week. They would learn a group acting piece, and then they take a group LAMDA Acting exam at the end of the course with a LAMDA examiner.


To help your school’s students to have better exposure to the arts, learn better communication, gain confidence and grow as an individual,please complete the form below and tell us how we can help you.