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The Peploe-Williams Academy of Theatre & Performing Arts has been established for 18 years and has nurtured hundreds of children, and youngsters in the disciplines of acting, singing, dance and performance.

We care what our Parents & Students say about us. It matters that we continue to be the leading Performing Arts School in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, and Northamptonshire.

As a training Academy in performing arts we serve, Winslow, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Towcester, Thame, Brackley, Silverstone, Leighton Buzzard, Northampton, and all the villages in between.

In this video, we have interviewed our students and aksed them what they think about our School.

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“Hi Emma & PWA team, I came to watch the performance of 'Blast From The Past' on Sunday 3rd July and Monday 4th July and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I am so pleased Joel has decided that this is something he wants to be involved in as it has been a real eye-opener for me.

The amount of work that obviously goes into organising something like that is astonishing. The dedication of not only the “kids” but also you and your team were apparent right from the word go.

I am amazed that after only 6 months you have got Joel talking and dancing so confidently in front of so many people and the performances of all the other kids were outstanding.

You and your team are obviously a huge inspiration for so many kids and your commitment to getting the best out of people is commendable.

The performances were a real pleasure to watch. You are doing something really quite special and I know that I am not alone in hoping that you and your team continue to do it for many years to come.”

Steve LandellsParent

“I was so proud of all the students who took part in National Connections at the Royal and Derngate on Sunday.

I want to share this message from Rhiannon's Mum Emma, your children are outstanding talented actors.

They were all superb. All. But I do have to take my hat off to Max if anyone should be singled out for such a driven performance.

It was such a powerful play so maturely and amazingly performed. The standing ovation from their peers said it all. As did the number moved to tears.

They drew in, captured, captivated and moved their audience. They were the talk of their peers when they came out for all the right reasons.

Thank you.”

Mrs BacchusParent

“We wanted Skyla, who is 6 yrs old to be encouraged with her enjoyment and enthusiasm in the performing arts.

PWAcademy was suggested to us by a friend and Skyla cannot wait for each Saturday to come around.

I believe that Emma and the teachers at the school possess the professionalism to know how to teach to the highest standard in their field, and the understanding to work with the children and bring out their best.”

Adam WakemanFather to Skyla Wakeman - (7 yrs old)

“My 3 daughters have been enjoying dance, drama and singing sessions for over 3 years at Peploe-Williams Academy.

I love the enthusiasm they have and the close tight friendships they have formed.

It is wonderful to see how all the children are so supportive of their fellow classmates - true professionalism!

My 3 year old can't wait to start.”

Martin BarnesFather of Alice - (8 yrs old)

“Sending our daughters to PWA is one of the best decisions we have ever made for them.

The excellent teaching and care they receive from the teaching staff has given them such confidence and has enabled them to flourish in so many ways.

They have learned vital skills to equip them should they choose to go into the world of performing arts and which will transfer into other career choices as well.

Our older daughter has been there for 10 years and is already devastated at the prospect of one day leaving!

But we know that she has been extremely well prepared for applying to drama schools in the coming months. Thank you, PWA!”

Mrs. R. GowersMother of Marianne & Grace Gowers.

“My two daughters have attended PWA for some years now and I consider PWA to be an excellent performing arts school.

I believe that they strike the right balance between setting and achieving high standards, as well as ensuring that their students are motivated, enjoy attending class - and of course performing.

As a parent, it is very satisfying to know that your children are doing something they enjoy, very evidently benefiting from it in terms of the development and confidence, and also you get to go along and watch them perform from time to time!”

John MooreFather of Anna - (14 yrs old)

“PWA has enabled our daughter Helena to develop her talents to a point where she is capable of taking on professional work in performing arts.

My wife and I are also really glad to see Emma and Steve's no-nonsense ethical approach to running the school, which makes us confident that our daughter is in good hands.”

Elizabeth & Tom SchwarzParents of Helena Schwarz - (18 yrs old)

“My daughter first joined PWA in order to develop her dance and for the opportunity to have a go at acting.

When looking for a suitable school I was struck by the professionalism of the school and in particular of its principal, Emma Peploe-Williams and they have lived up to that throughout.

I also persuaded my son, rather reluctantly at first, to also give PWA a go in order to develop his stage presence and confidence, although he is primarily a vocalist and musician and has come more from a rock school type environment.

I would not hesitate to recommend PWA.”

Helen HenshawMother of Will & Lucy Henshaw - (14 yrs old)

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a huge thank you for the way in which Charlotte was prepared for her exam yesterday.

It was the first exam she had ever taken and therefore a completely new experience and challenge for her.

Right from the start she was excited by it and was very clear that it was something that she and Kelly were working on together - that it was independent of us at home and that she really didn't want our input in any way!

We took our lead from her and have stood back, letting her do things her own way.

I have been really impressed by her attitude, her knowledge of the process at all times, the excellent way in which she has been prepared, and the professional and supportive way the whole process was conducted yesterday.

The biggest joy for us is the fact that a shy girl went into her exam and came out beaming, feeling incredibly proud of herself, having gained a huge dose of inner confidence during the process.”

Mrs HitchingsParent

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