May 24, 2020

Peploe-Williams Academy goes Online!

Peploe-Willians Goes Online

From their locations in East Claydon, Winslow, Milton Keynes, the People-Williams Academy  has moved online to ensure its students can continue to receive world-class performance training, ballet dance classes, tap dance classes, modern dance classes, acting classes, singing classes and musical theatre classes throughout this global pandemic.

When the nationwide lockdown was introduced Emma Peploe-Williams and her team spent hours brainstorming, discussing and testing new ways to continue performing arts classes virtually whilst social distancing measures were in place. After a few weeks testing with parents and students Peploe-Williams Academy had officially began its ‘Online Summer Term’. Our team of teachers have been able to provide the same elite level of training as before, whilst ensuring our students, parents and faculty are safe and healthy at home. Our commitment to providing professional training to our students remains stronger than ever, and we have certainly been able to provide light in this time of uncertainty and darkness. 

In addition to our normal classes, we have been providing free online fitness classes, online Q & A sessions with industry professionals (most recently Shaun Dooley from Netflix’s ‘The Stranger’, Broadchurch, Craig Revel-Horwood, Julian Bigg, Hadrian Delacey, Danny Taylor, Ashley Daniels, ) and running a weekly quiz to ensure our #PWAFamily stays connected! Have a look at the video below to see how we got on!

What do our parents say?

Just want to say a big personal thank you for what you do at PWA. Reilly is very excited about tomorrow, he’s getting to take over his Dads den and it gives him such a boost. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Peploe-Williams Academy has redefined Reilly’s confidence and ambitions. He’s found something he has some skill at, something he can feel certainty about and achieve. Truly a change in his young life. We don’t believe any other school in the area could have done this for him.

Yours, Teresa and Richard.

“Thank you for your hard work, I’ve been following you all on the various platforms and noticed you haven’t stopped! Sophia very much enjoyed her Saturday afternoon online lessons last week and is looking forward to them again this Saturday!

Thank you, Sarah

“We totally appreciate everything that you have put in place over the last month and Alice continues to enjoy every minute she spends with you all. And I’m so pleased she can be part of something so positive through these difficult times. Thank you for everything that you’re doing. Looking forward to the show and the dance and drama exams whenever they may be.

Thanks and take care, Sue

We are so thankful for all your support over these hard few months and we are very much looking forward to seeing you back in the studio very soon!