Notable past students


Welcome to our esteemed Alumni page, a testament to the extraordinary achievements of graduates from our renowned Performing Arts school. Our alumni have journeyed far and wide, gracing stages, screens, and embracing life with their remarkable talents and dedication to the arts.

In the realm of Musical Theatre, our alumni have left an indelible mark. From West End productions to international tours, their performances have captivated audiences worldwide. Their versatile skills in singing, dancing, and acting have led to leading roles in iconic shows, earning critical acclaim and applause.

In the world of Acting, our graduates have shone brightly, showcasing their craft in film, television, and theater. They’ve appeared in acclaimed movies, television series, and theatrical productions, embodying characters that resonate deeply with audiences and critics alike.

On the stage, our alumni have taken on diverse roles, from classical theatre to avant-garde performances. Their talent, commitment, and creativity have illuminated stages across the globe, contributing to the richness and diversity of live entertainment.

Beyond the spotlight, our alumni have embraced life with the same passion and dedication instilled during their time at our school. They’ve become educators, directors, producers, and advocates, shaping the future of performing arts and inspiring the next generation of talents.

Our alumni are a testament to the excellence fostered at our institution. Their achievements stand as a testament to the training, guidance, and mentorship they received here, embodying the values of discipline, creativity, and perseverance.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary journey of our alumni, their contributions to the arts, and their remarkable impact on stage, screen, and life itself.