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Musical Theatre Classes

Musical Theatre Classes 4 to 7 yrs

Your child will have the chance to engage in singing classes, acting classes, and dance classes at The Peploe-Williams Academy Stage School. There is a ‘right way’ to be trained, so although from a parent’s point of view you may well only be looking for confidence building, or merely to create a positive self-image for your child, we take it one step further, and train them in all performing Arts genres. Primarily, we will build your child’s confidence through a structured performing arts syllabus that will begin their journey to become a confident performer.

What do we do for your child?

Learning for this group is something that engages children in a gentle, fun and entertaining manner as they learn the fundamentals of dance, singing and acting. This style of teaching prompts early development of self-respect, self-confidence and positive self-image. At the same time it develops discipline, team skills and comfortable interaction with others of their own age. Our musical theatre classes are for the very shy child as well. They are an excellent way of building more confidence within a very short space of time. Parents often see the difference in a term.

Musical Theatre Classes 8 to 13 yrs

For this age group to move forward in their performance training, they will need Musical Theatre classes encompassing Acting, Performance, Dance, and Vocal Technique. In our view this is the most crucial part of your child’s training as it covers all three of the disciplines in performance. Each genre is taught by specialist teachers in their field, giving your child the best possible training. All our teachers have worked or trained to a high standard and have experienced professional knowledge that they will share with your child.

At our Academy, we put our students into very structured classes so that they can learn the right way to act, sing, and dance. We offer LAMDA examinations throughout the Musical Theatre syllabus and also give the students the opportunity to perform to Professional Performers in the Business once a year. They are given professional feedback from these professional Actors-Directors-Choreographers-TV Actors

Musical Theatre Dance covers all styles of dance throughout the year and will specialize in bringing Dance and Singing together in a Musical Theatre style.

With the extra- curricular Dance, they have the opportunity to take more technical classes which will include examinations in ISTD Ballet, Tap and Modern. These are not compulsory lessons and work separately to our Musical Theatre classes.

Musical Theatre classe 9yrs-11yrs
Musical Theatre Classes for 14-18 year olds

Musical Theatre Classes 14 to 18 yrs

Audition Only - for non PWA Students

Working from solid foundation work in dance, acting and singing, these students take a clear and structured path to enable natural strengths to flourish and be showcased. For those whose goal is entry to a prestigious top Performing Arts School in the UK, there is a methodical approach towards audition technique in Musical Theatre. This means that the necessary skills are ingrained seamlessly with natural ability and talent in advance to entry into an elite school. It is a real advantage to understand and have already been trained to the highest professional standards that expect the best of students at every stage and do not compromise. It is this high benchmark that differentiates average from exceptional. Entry Requirement – An Audition £35.

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