Tap Classes in Buckinghamshire

Tap Dance Classes

Tap is an essential skill for all dance students. We offer different styles of tap dance, to develop musicality, use of the body as a percussive instrument, and a good understanding of rhythm, accents and syncopation. The ISTD graded examinations develops the students into becoming very accomplished commercial tap dancers. Many of the top tap dancers in London’s West End will have been through the ISTD Tap syllabus.

Tap Classes 3 to 7 yrs

This is a fun genre of dance, and can be very noisy. It is an excellent class for developing rhythmic and musical skills. For all young dancers from 4 to 7 yrs tap classes should be taken with Modern and Ballet classes.

These Tap classes are for beginners.  This class will teach students to develop single tap sounds into small routines whilst we are teaching the child the correct posture for a tap dancer. Through simple steps beginning with single beats we will build a secure tap technique and work towards their first graded ISTD Tap examination with their teacher guiding them through the experience.

Tap Classes 8 to 13 yrs

Students in these tap classes develop more compound tap steps and develop the speed of the steps, and they will be able to develop their own unique style. The student will be developing their understanding of rhythm whilst appreciating a variation of musical tap styles. In all grades an understanding of the use of tone is taught. In this class and further graded classes, we develop the rhythmic quality at all levels, with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of musical styles of tap. The emphasis is on a coordinated use of the head, body and arms to create a natural style. Posture is also very important to help develop better and clearer sounds.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap Classes 14 to 17 yrs

The student will cover more technical exercises and rhythm exercises in these tap classes. They will have a secure knowledge of their weight control and will be able to travel complex steps forwards and backwards and then also showing good close work steps. They will be improvising complex rhythms and will be able to freely improvise to music and unaccompanied. They will also learn soft shoe, Musical Theatre, and Urban styles. In these advanced tap classes the student will now be at a strong advanced level including wings and all types of time steps, but also developing all styles of tap including Beguine, Jazz, Tango and Swing styles. These classes will be promoting self-confidence in the performance of a solo dancer. These classes are a must for those choosing dance as a professional career.

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