Jazz-Modern Dance Classes in Buckinghamshire

Jazz-Modern Dance Classes

We place great emphasis on teaching many forms of jazz dance. It is essential in today’s competitive commercial theatre to be competent in different jazz styles. From mainstream modern American jazz to the isolation technique of Matt Mattox, all elements of jazz are essential. 

The ISTD modern dance syllabus works with very accomplished Choreographers & Teachers, therefore ensuring that the examination grade syllabus develops the student to become a well-rounded commercial & and technical Jazz dancer. 

Modern Jazz Dance classes

Modern Dance Classes 4 to 7 yrs

This Modern Dance class is a cross between ballet and jazz. In this beginner modern dance class we create a fun and comforting learning environment, in which we teach the basic understanding of modern dance technique. We aim to build the children’s co-ordination but also aim to develop their own style and confidence by introducing them to basic dance movement. As they progress towards 8 we work more on the child’s core strength and suppleness in exercises. Not only that, but we start the basics of jumps and turns and how our arm and leg placement come in to that. As their confidence begins to grow we promote individual growth in solo and performance work within our ISTD dance grades.

Modern Dance Classes 8 to 13 yrs

These modern dance classes work towards graded examinations and is where their technical understanding and ability really start to show through. With a focus on discipline, the syllabus covers floorwork, corner work, rhythm and solo dances. The dancer’s core strength and technique becomes vital at this stage, whilst also working on the performance of the individual. The shapes and lines that the dancer makes has a profound effect on the results they could acquire.

Jazz Modern dance classes

Modern Dance Classes 14+ yrs

These are advanced classes that cover every aspect and style of Modern Theatre Dance. The student will need to show an understanding of all styles of dance, from the delicacy of lyrical to the hard hitting power of hip hop. Dancers also need to show beautiful balletic lines and strong, differing dynamics. An extremely strong technique is required for these classes, and ballet classes are also a must at this level.

It will also give the student an appreciation of varying musical styles and their interpretation within the jazz idiom. It will develop an awareness of the use of space and an awareness of audience and sense of performance to be a professional dancer.

Flexibility Classes 9 to 18 yrs

Whether you wish to improve your flexibility for your dance classes, fitness, lifestyle or  well-being, these classes will help strengthen your core, strengthen your muscles and give you better movement.

Using the techniques of the dancer to improve form and build supple, strong tendons and muscles, the classes will cover a range of techniques to help you to improve flexibility, understand how to stretch safely, improve your posture, increase your core strength, and ultimately improve your dance techniques here at the Academy. 

Jazz-Modern Dance classes Buckinghamshire
Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Classes

The study of contemporary dance technique complements other dance disciplines. Classes are based on techniques of the great masters: Martha Graham, Limon and Cunningham, as well as encouraging the students’ own choreography and exploration of movement. Classes focus on developing strength, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness, alongside the correct alignment. 

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